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Advertising Flags are the most common brand promotion products Australia wide. Flags are UV-resistant, waterproof and durable. Flags that flutter in the wind in 360 rotating are very easy to attract the attention of passers-by.

There are 3 flags shapes.

Teardrop Flag, also called Teardrop Banner, is the popular option. Shape of the flag is like a water drop. Only one or two Teardrop Flags combining will give customer a good market effect.

Feather Flag, also called Feather Banner or Bali Flag, is more suitable to put in several columns, and each column has 3 to 5 flags. 

Blade Flag, or Blade Banner, is shows in a square shape. They can be set up in a row along the road, which is the most ceremonial choice.

Four types of bases are available: wall bracket base, ground insert base, tyre base and cross base. Customers can choose a proper one according to exactly using conditions.

Explore our range of products for sale available Australia wide, you can place the order online directly or call us on (03) 8510 1516 

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